i'm back, finally

i'm back from my long 'retirement' from the 'mainstream' lj scene. lol. after how long? almost a year. yeah, i almost completely lose interest in fangirling. it's tiring- work, and real life, i mean.

this lj witnesses my change of heart from matsumoto jun to yamashita tomohisa, and lastly, to tadayoshi ohkura. so who is it now? seikai wa, daremo nai desu. maybe ohkura 1%, yamapi 0.5% and 0% for jun. hha.

anyway, i'm at the office and from here i can hear szymon farted. seriously, like 4 times in a row i think. just like lincalc sneezes 3 times, continuously :p

ok, konkai ni wa juubun. sore dewa, mata.


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i will be away from 1-16 june. but then maybe i wont have that much time to go online because once again, i'll be away from 20-28 june. that is, booked for a month for holiday! yeay!